Happiest of Birthdays to our September celebrants,
including, but not limited to...
Charles Hartig  9/2
Susan Macht Ries 9/5 
Gregory Picazo  9/7
Paul Manulik  9/9
Rick Bell  9/10
Renata Jokic Bisciglia  9/10
Melinda Hughes Hubbard  9/12
MaryBeth Peckus Ingrouille  9/12
Mark McCoullough  9/17
Mike Salas   9/17
Clare Baxter Pauschart  9/18
Scott Kessler ('76)  9/20
Diana Lento Werwie  9/20
Rita Holm ('77)  9/21
Wayne Lois  9/21
Janet Lauderville Allen  9/22
Ms. Fran Ferrell  9/22
Evangeline Harmon  9/24
Kathleen Nutini Cohen  9/25
Bob Thiel  9/26
David Walker  9/26
Terrence Zuehlsdorf  9/28





Happy Happy Birthday! 


Happy Happy Birthday

all Celebrants!!!!!!!

From All of Us to You!

  We Are So Happy
It's Your Birthday,

So We Can Party, Too!

Have Fun!!

 Once a Party Animal, Always a Party Animal!

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Hope it's the Best one Yet! Have FUN!!!







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May it be the Best Year, Yet! Have FUN!