Happiest of Birthdays to our January celebrants,
including, but not limited to....

Richard Brown  1/1
Pam Marchesini Montemurro 1/3

Kathy Burby Surges 1/4
Stirling (Paul) Hubbard 1/4
Charles Langerman 1/4
Cheryl Pierangeli Kasdorf 1/4
Tom Corradini 1/7
Holly Harmsen Kangas ('74) 1/12
Scott Epping 1/17
Debbie Russo Dosemagen  1/17

Julie Mico Baxter 1/18
Chester Jeffery  1/18
Gary Leineweber  1/20
Leslie Zemezonak Glassman 1/22
Doug Cox 1/23
Tony Venci  1/28

Dave Bolyard 1/29
Vince Caira 1/29
Tom Glassman 1/29
Jim Truax 1/30















Happy Happy Birthday! 


Happy Happy Birthday

all Celebrants!!!!!!!

From All of Us to You!

  We Are So Happy
It's Your Birthday,

So We Can Party, Too!

Have Fun!!


 Once a Party Animal, Always a Party Animal!

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Hope it's the Best one Yet! Have FUN!!!








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May it be the Best Year, Yet! Have FUN!