Carl Grasser Grasser

Profile Updated: January 9, 2023
Residing In: Sandston, VA USA
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Married 4y years wife Theresa Salem Central class of 75
Children? Offspring? Daniel Born Dec. 1977
Lori Born Aug. 1979
How did you and your spouse/partner meet?

Worked on my Aunt and Uncle farm.

(they say that you're supposed to have them first!)


Any "four-legged" children? (i.e. fur-babies/pets)?


Occupation or Profession? Retired? Rehired?

Started at Buckson Screwmachine Prod.
Tri-Clover Dec. 1978
Alfalaval in 2002
retiremant 2017
Touring thecountry Currently

What was/ or is your favorite "job" or occupation/vocation?


Any Hobbies? Favorite pastimes?

Touring our country on our Trike.

What have you been doing the past 45 years?

Machinist, EMT, Firefighter, Catering, Wood worker. Retired

Comments(about anything and/or everything...: )

Life is too shortt. Ejoy it all you can.

Any Do-over moments from school? Good or not so good?

Date more Girles in my school.

What has been the most surprising part of Life so far?

Actualy lived this long.

What did you want to be when you were "growing up"?

Firefighter, Machinist, Farmer.

Finish this sentence...The best decision I ever made was...

Moving to Virginia. I can ride my motorcycle thelve months a year.

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What would you describe as "The Defining Moment" of your Life? Perhaps there has been more than one, please share....

First Job
Becomming a FF/EMT
Moving to Va.
Touring the country on my HD Trike.

What would you like to see at our "Next Reunion"?

Just a picnic in a park, Nothing fancy, Just food and Friends.

Where is your favorite place to "escape"?

On three wheels anywhere in the US.

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