Gary Leineweber

Profile Updated: January 27, 2023
Residing In: Mundelein, IL USA
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Married - Terri
Children? Offspring? Sarah, Traci and Eric
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(they say that you're supposed to have them first!)

2/11/17...My 2nd oldest Traci had a beautiful girl named Adyson...grandpa is so proud!!!!
10/30/18...Traci had a second handsome boy named Jaxon...papa is so proud again!!!

Any "four-legged" children? (i.e. fur-babies/pets)?

Not now...used to have Taffy (Cocker), Tucker (Schnoodle) and Princess (Great Pyrenees)

Occupation or Profession? Retired? Rehired?

Retired Disabled Police Officer...16 years with Kenosha PD and Twin Lakes PD

What was/ or is your favorite "job" or occupation/vocation?

See above...

What is left on your "Bucket List" of things you want to do in Life?

At this age...that bucket is waaaay to big

What's your favorite way to enjoy the passing of Time?

Reading, watching all types of documentaries, walking by the lake

What have you been doing the past 45 years?

Catch up with me sometime and we can talk about it...way to much to list

Comments(about anything and/or everything...: )

This might sound odd, but i wish i could do parts of my life over...doing so would definitely have put me on a much better path

Special School Memories(As best as you can to your interpretation!: )

Being in band, summer band camp, band trips and winning every competition we were in...track...learning and having so much fun in Speech class with Mr. Shaver

Any Do-over moments from school? Good or not so good?

I could probably do with out the ceiling falling down on us in Mr. McCarthys algebra class in the annex...made for such a messy time...although it was kinda fun betting on who would get it next

Any favorite teachers? If so, for what reason?

Mr Shaver was awesome...Mr. Bianchetti was fun...Coach Helwig was great

What has been the most surprising part of Life so far?

That i never thought i would be where I'm at now

What did you want to be when you were "growing up"?

A police officer

What do you presently want to be when you "grow up"?

That's a good one...I'm still thinking

What would you consider your greatest accomplishment so far?

My three wonderfully successful children (adults)

Finish this sentence...The best decision I ever made was...

Read above...

Read any good books lately? Any recommendations on what to read or what not to read?

I love my Kindle Fire many books in my library...what an awesome way to read...lets see, whats on my hot list these days...
Anything regarding Nikola Tesla, what a fascinating man...the Inside of Scientology (it truly is a cult) and last but not least, The Key by Whitley Strieber

Do you have a favorite song?
If so, please tell us what it is!

by the Cat...Gato Barbieri

Do you have a facebook page or instagram site? If so, let others know...

Are you having Fun, yet? If not, when do you expect the Fun to begin? If unsure, take a wild guess!

Wait let me check......................yup!

Your Motto/ Words of Wisdom to live by would be....

An honest man's pillow is his peace of mind

What is one thing that most others probably do not know about you.....?

I was an extra in two scenes of a movie called The Paint Job...the movie was filmed in Kenosha and surprise, my part was a cop

What would you describe as "The Defining Moment" of your Life? Perhaps there has been more than one, please share....

Finding and meeting my Birth Mother when I was 62!

Where is your favorite place to "escape"?

Somewhere tropical

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Happy Birthday brother. I hope your day is awesome!!

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Wow haven't changed a bit...well ok maybe the hair ;) Would have been great catching up with you at the reunion, sorry you couldn't make it. Firefighter how cool...not sure if you knew or not, I was a cop on KPD...retired now. Great seeing that pic of you...hope all is well...take care now.

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Jan 20, 2015 at 3:33 AM
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