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Jeffrey Starr
Jeffrey Starr


Jeffrey Starr


Jeffrey Starr


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Grafton, WI USA
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Married? Single? Somewhere "in between"?
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Children? Offspring? 1 son
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Any "four-legged" children? (i.e. fur-babies/pets)?

2 cats, Charlie, and Marty

Occupation or Profession?

Retired Sr. Audio Video Systems Designer of 32yrs

What was/ or is your favorite "job"?

Designing and Installing High-end Home theater and whole house systems

Any Hobbies? Favorite pastimes?

Church functions, gardening, drawing, and keeping in touch with cyberspace connections..

What is left on your "Bucket List" of things you want to do in Life?

Jump out of perfectly good airplane, visit Hawaii, Alaska cruise

What's your favorite way to enjoy the passing of Time?

walking at the break of dawn around by lake Michigan with the morning dew hovering watching the sunrise come up. Praise God.

What have you been doing the past 45 years?

Trying not to waste time and take up space on this rock. Making a difference.

Comments(about anything and/or everything...: )

I'm a Liver Transplant Survivor from 2013...I don't drink, so go figure. Am so blessed with a second chance..everything does take on a different meaning after something like that.

Special School Memories(As best as you can to your interpretation!: )

Skipping school to shoot pool at the Pad pool hall downtown.

Any Do-over moments from school? Good or not so good?

we'll talk

Any favorite teachers? If so, for what reason?

Mr Tweeten the choir teacher..His patience and work ethic was something to be admired

What has been the most surprising part of Life so far?

watching the life cycle in other friends / families lives..It seems that it never changes from generation to generation..Things our Parents said we would understand later came as promised..

Who has been the most influential person in your life and why?

My twin brother Paul...We are still very close and see each other every month..He's been my playmate, and best friend throughout everything.

What did you want to be when you were "growing up"?

a cop, I tried to enlist in the Air Force after HS to become an MP, but that never materialized.

What do you presently want to be when you "grow up"?

A more compassionate and understanding human being of others. I want to be a "contributor" in life.

What would you consider your greatest accomplishment so far?

Keeping the path straight and true... way too easy to play it wrong.

Finish this sentence...The best decision I ever made was...

accepting Christ as my Savior

Any pictures or memories you would like to share...?

I will always remember my neighborhood friends and schoolmates..we always found something to do to have fun when we were together..Simple fun..There was nothing we couldn't imagine.

Read any good books lately? Any recommendations on what to read or what not to read?

I'm more a graphic kinda guy..I like movies, newspapers, magazines..Popular Science-Mechanics stuff.

Do you have a favorite song?
If so, please tell us what it is!

You got a friend, by James Taylor.

Do you have a facebook page or instagram site? If so, let others know...

facebook, linked in

Are you having Fun, yet? If not, when do you expect the Fun to begin? If unsure, take a wild guess!

in every little thing...

Your Motto/ Words of Wisdom to live by would be....

Understanding that speaking the Truth instills Trust, and that Trust is everything.

What is one thing that most others probably do not know about you.....?

I'm an introvert

What would you like your Legacy to be?

That I accepted lifes challenges with wisdom, and that I treated others with compassion and love.

What would you describe as "The Defining Moment" of your Life? Perhaps there has been more than one, please share....

watching the birth of my son. Taking my brother to our first Packers game at Lambeau field..

What would you like to see at our "Next Reunion"?

Smiling faces and lots of laughs...

Where is your favorite place to "escape"?

Lakeside in Port Washington...only 5 mi away.

It's been said that Art imitates Life. Perhaps it is the other way around, but who knows? What television show or movie does your life most resemble?

I've always liked the Andy Griffith show...Simple lifestyles and true regard for others.

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